Cruiseship Rescues 24 Cuban Migrants In Caribbean

This June 26, 2004 photo provided by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences shows actress Sheila MacRae arriving at the 16th Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Los Angeles.  The veteran stage, film and TV performer, MacRae, best known for playing Alice Kramden in the 1960s re-creation of "The Honeymooners" has died. MacRae one seemed to be ill in underneath of the boat. We’re able to see that there was water inside the base of the ship and it was not working, though it’d an engine, Sudders was quoted as saying. The ships crew lowered a system and used life jackets to the Cubans, then required them onboard. A cruises story later indicated the vessel had been stranded for five days, claimed Sudders, who shot many images of the relief. There is a huge cheer for your folks while they came aboard, Sudders informed CNN iReport.

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