Norovirus Outbreaks Make Cruise Lines, Individuals Hesitant

Dr. Andrew J. Susuki Family Dentistry Sail insiders insist the odds of getting sick are minimal. Illness rates are very low when compared to rates on-land, says Mike McGarry, a spokesman for the Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association for the cruise industry. Last year, the CDC noted only seven proved norovirus outbreaks, which found just 1,238 overall affected passengers worldwide, or 0.0059 percent of 21 million cruise passengers. In 2012, the firm reported 16 norovirus outbreaks on boats. No industry or capability is as tightly regulated since the cruise industry, says Stewart Chiron, who creates a blog called The Cruise Dude. He suggests that the media fixation on cruise-ship outbreaks distorts the truth, which will be that just a fraction of passengers is afflicted by a gastrointestinal disease. Press just like the cruise market since its really graphic and draws listeners, visitors and followers, he notices. Critics take a different view. They assert that cruise lines too often enjoy it along and that the danger of disease is genuine.

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