Royal Caribbean Might Provide Hobbit Cruises

5430944199_fb1db86407 A PR release we received last night guarantees Trilo3y will: answer the question that worries more than 55 million international fans: Whatsnext for Tolkien Enthusiasts? by making four annual lover events at sea. However, much like something that uses numbers in the place of words inside their title (perhaps you, Qu3stlove) Im uncertain Trilo3y is to be trustedlack of media interest and their unusually fuzzy press release make me fear these expeditions don’t actually be available any time soon. Nevertheless, the thought of having cruises for specific fandoms isnt new. Weezer has an unique Carnival cruise, and therefore from February 13th-17th with this year there were just zero Weezer lovers onland. Possibly the Maximum Fun podcast network offers their Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival on the cruise ship. If Trilo3y Voyages is actually the best company currently taking bookings for 3 to 5 day cruises, then the applications offered aboard the suspended meeting seem made to satisfy even probably the most ardent of Tolkienheads. Performances are advertised by the web site with personalities like Sara McLeod and Bruce Hopkins, talks from Tolkien authorities, gala balls, and something called the Middle Earth Industry.

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