Stone Princess To Undergo $30 Thousand Drydock Transformation

Inside, people can enjoy two independent, gender-segregated bathtub activities with stunning sea views. The sea-view sauna and shower will feature an open-air skylight to assist bathers connect with nature, as well as a dry sauna with spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows, plus a refreshing soft water sauna. The Jewel Bath will feature an Utaseyu, a stimulating stream of hotwater that is ideal for treating pressure in the rear and shoulders. In addition to the new bathtub region, Diamond Princess passengers will love a new sushi restaurant. Because of the recognition of the Kai Sushi restaurant introduced on Sun Princess, a larger version of the restaurant will be added to Diamond Princess, and will function both desk seating and a sushi bar serving fresh seafood. The 66-person capacity restaurant will serve matcha ice-cream, miso shiro, nigiri sushi, maki sushi, sashimi, seafood cocktails and, for dessert with red bean paste.

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