Where On The Planet Is Cruise Critic?

cruise-avalon-impression EDT. Where: Our trip is mainly based around christenings in several ports of call: First up is Avignon, where three Rhone Lake-bound ships is going to be christened on Wednesday. Then its on to Bordeaux, a brand new location for Viking this season; no christenings here, only a first look of the schedule. Where in actuality the business will inaugurate two more vessels on Friday, and then we head to Porto. Who: Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief Why There? Whynot, because the boats that are being christened will travel on the individual streams.

For the original version including any extra images or movie, visit http://www.cruisecritic.com/blog/index.php/2014/03/17/where-in-the-earth-is-cruise-critic-15/

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